MarcinNowakowski - Smooth Night


Smooth Jazz from Poland? That sounds unusual but isn't. The music of artists like Piotr Bal, Marek Jelen, Paul Rozmus or Michael Urbaniak already found its way to America. Now Marcin Nowakowski is preparing for the great jump. Marcin has already performed in concert with Jose Carreras, Paul Jackson, Jr., Simon Philips, and David Knopfer. A short look at his bio reveals that Marcin Nowakowski has gained great experience as sideman and performer in the Polish jazz scene. With his debut album "Smooth Night" Marcin Nowakowski is knocking at the door of American Smooth Jazz market.

The album was recorded and mixed at the Woobie Doobie studio in Warsaw. This studio is named after the group Woobie Doobie formed in Mid-1992. In 1997, during the recording session of Natalia Kukulska’s album, Wojtek Olszak, one of the best Polish producers, noticed Marcins’s talent and offered him to play with Woobie Doobie. As a result of it in ‘97 Marcin became a member of this band. The group is also supporting Marcin on his new album.

The album starts with You Are The Sun. Marcin is performing the melody on alto sax as lead instrument, while Mario Szaban is singing along. Wojtek Olszak is playing the bridge on acoustic piano. Paul Jackson plays an extensive acoustic guitar solo. Normally we can only listen to his rhythm guitar or electric guitar performing in the background. The song is sultry and very accessible, smooth jazz radio stations should give it a spin.

Live To Tell was originally recorded by Madonna and Patrick Leonhard as part of Madonna's album "True Blue" (1986) and as the theme for husband Sean Penn's film "At Close Range". An awesome rendition in which Marcin knows to perform all nuances of Madonna's interpretation.

On the uptempo 1981 Wojtek Olszak is opening his electronic equipment of keyboards, rhodes, vocoder, clavinet, minimoog bass and synth. He is pulling all the stops. Bravissimo!

Marcin also masters slow and contemplative tones as to hear on the mellow ballade First Time. Paul Jackson adds his significant guitar sound.

The title song Smooth Night is a sultry tune and when I close my eyes I believe Eric Marienthal would blow the tenor sax. Marcin does an excellent job.

Road No.1 is a strong and pushing song on a high rhythm level. Wojtek Olszak's Hammond organ, Wojtek Pilichowski's fat bass and Funky Filon's turntables are the best ingredients for a force drive.

Lovers of smooth romantic ballades will prefer the slow Body Talk presenting Marcin on soprano sax.

Please Stay is more my way. Marcin and Wojtek Olszak are great arrangers, writers and musicians. They can bear comparison with every American professional like Kim Waters, Eric Marienthal or Dave Koz.

Further tunes like the uptempo and intriguing Morning Dance, the slow orchestral With You Again, the twirling Evening Sky or the funky styled Opposites Attract are proofs for this testimony: Marcin Nowakowski is Poland's ambassador of Smooth Jazz.



Title: Smooth Night
Artist: Marcin Nowakowski
Year: 2005
Length: 0:50:59
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Smooth Jazz Records


01 you are the sun [5:42]
02 live to tell [4:23]
03 1981 [4:05]
04 first time [4:32]
05 smooth night [4:37]
06 road no.1 [3:00]
07 body talk [3:55]
08 please stay [4:13]
09 morning dance [3:24]
10 with you again [4:53]
11 evening sky [3:59]
12 opposites attract [4:18]