Antonio Restucci

Placa Del Angel

The origin of the Flamenco music is to find in the south of Spain, where gypsies adapted the music of Morocco, Egypt, India, Pakistan  and Greece to create an unique musical style since their arrival in the 15th century. Especially the acoustic guitar music is influenced by the Flamenco style. Smooth Jazz as an expression of contemporary instrumental music has melted Flamenco with Jazz elements. 

Marc Antoine 's music on his album Urban Gypsies and Madrid is a good example of this special mixture. Another example is the flamenco flavored "Cadaques" on Acoustic Alchemy's album Positive Thinking

Antonio's Restucci style is more originally and nearer to the roots of Flamenco. His style was influenced by performing with artists like Amalgama, Maria del Mar Bonet, Joan Manuel Serrat and Paco de Lucia's band. His music is a conglomeration of South American folklore, Flamenco, Latin Jazz and Jazz Rock with a mainweight on folklore. He puts certificates of his South American origin and of his developement with his album Plaza Del Angel.

Candela  is a wonderful acoustic guitar piece with rhythmical accentuations and a second guitar accompany.

Followed by the title track Plaza Del Angel  a slow romantic and contemplative tune. Marcelo Aedo adds his emphatic fretless bass.

Concordancia is an uptempo tune with folkloristic mandolin runnings. The mandolin theme guides to a jazzy acoustic guitar solo. Breathtaking the speed of Antonio's fingers. He must have used a plectrum.

Luz Del Paraná sounds like music from the Andens. Fresh clean air of high places and the warm sunshine of a brightlighted day are expressed by acoustic guitars.

Funky Blues lets await a slow Blues but it's more an  uptempo guitar solo with light Blues elements.

Misterioso Amor is a romantic atmospheric flight into airy dreams with acoustic guitars and great chorus. 

Violeta prolongues this romantic mood with the surprising addition of Harida Quinteros' Indian tablas in the middle of the tunes.

A Mas Tardar... Io Antes Posible is an excursion to the Flamenco roots. Antonio's pure acoustic guitar and Joe Vasconcellos' percussion. Two masters of acoustic instruments.

Huayano is a melodic guitar tune with South American taste. 

Crisol is the final manifest of Antonio's mastership on acoustic guitar. 

Antonio Restucci's label Nazca Music offers this album on their website as Smooth Jazz. But it's too originally folkloristic and too much acoustic guitar music to be counted to this genre. The album gave me the opportunity to taste this musical style which is problably attractive for lovers of acoustic guitar music.


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