Emerging guitarist Roberto Restuccia has already left his mark on the music business with his albums Exposure (2016), When The Smoke Clears (2017), and With Every Turn (2021).

With his new album Lounge Katz he continues his successful change of style towards smooth jazz. It's no coincidence that well-known musicians from this genre include keyboardist Greg Manning, bassist Mel Brown, drummer Eric Valentine, saxophonist Andrew Neu, keyboardist Chris "Big Dog" Davis, keyboardist Michael Broening and many more.

Not soft at all is the opener Stand Up, which announces spring with a fresh wind and a strong brass section. A Matter Of Persuasion is a model of guitar virtuosity laced into a compact rhythm package. Roberto seamlessly joins the aegis of guitar greats like Larry Carlton.

The number 1979 makes me wonder what could be behind it. Musically I recognize approaches of Jeff Golub and Carlos Santana. Phone Box is a facility from the past. Which is not at all what can be said of the piece so titled. Randy Scott on sax accompanies Roberto's dynamic guitar runs.

The melodious Smooth Talker will please the friends of smooth jazz. Roberto is supported by a band that often joins musicians performing at Pizza Express. Keyboardist Oli Silk, bassist Orefo Orakwue and rhythm guitarist Mark Jaimes. Hip Jive is a popular dance style that uses the hips in particular. Roberto's song is the right one for this groove.

After so much action, Butterfly brings some calm to the album with a slow blues. It's A Blues Thing deepens the impression with a bit more tempo. Lounge Katz once again features precise guitar riffs accented with classic drum rhythms and gripping horns.

The album is ended by a solo guitar piece with a wonderful melody that quickly finds access to the hearts of listeners.

Lounge Katz is the epitome of Roberto Restuccia personality, signed with his guitar. As a fan of guitar music, you can not ask for more on Easter.






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Album Information

Title: Lounge Katz
Artist: Roberto Restuccia
Year: 2023
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Trippin 'n' Rhythm


1) "Stand Up" (4:05)
2) "A Matter Of Persuasion" (4:25)
3) "1979 feat Michael Broening" (4:34)
4) "Phone Box feat Randy Scott" (4:32)
5) "Smooth Talker" (4:42)
6) "Hip Jive" (4:28)
7) "Butterfly" (5:02)
8) "It's A Blues Thing" (4:32)
9) "Lounge Katz" (3:41)
10) "Pure" (4:03)