Michael Rosen

Sweet Lingering

Friends of Contemporary Jazz often prefer drumsounds of human drummers to the drumprogramming, which is the main ingredient of modern Smooth Jazz  more and more frequently. Drum programming has its before - and disadvantages. I won't raise the voice against drum programming at this position because I know absolutely successful examples. Although there is undoubtly an indisputable danger, that drum programming sounds flat. So it's a pleasure to listen to albums with human drummers as Michel Rosen's Sweet Lingering.

You might remember the drumming sound of George Jinda, when you listen to the first tune Basilisk. Impressive is also Vana 's piano runnings constantly changing between the ease of Pop and the brilliant improvisation of modern Jazz. Michael 's soprano sax is the important bandage-limb between all instruments.

An awesome guitar introduced to Vana And Me. Anew a special rhythm sound with an Southamerican flavor, Cyro Baptista and George Gray show the instep-width of their inventive proficiency. Kingpins are the musicians mentioned in the title, which  of course reciprocally always spur themselves to new climaxes.

Sweet Lingering is an slowtempo excursion into nature with birdwhistles and woodsticks going over to a swinging groovy tune with Michael and Vana's dialogue.

A traditional acoustic guitar piece drifts to your ear in Jo-Ko. The headlights are turned towards Mark Lambert and his romantic guitar sound.

Who don't know Can't Help Falling In Love? One of Elvis Presley's great hits, which was often covered (AMG). Michael 's interpretation is a slowtempo feeling-intensive version. Only Michael's sax and Marcus McLaurine's bass. Pure and unadulterated.

Vana adopts this mood cautiously and transposes it to a faster piece then. Choice Of Words symbolizes the atmosphere of a Spanish sundown. 

Fade To Black is the last stone in this artistic mosaic. Doubtless, the dominant of the rhythm-section contributes to the succeeding of the piece. Vana and Michael utilze this long piece to extravagant antics on their instruments.

If you want to turn of your Smooth Jazz radio and try something else in Contemporary Jazz, this album is the right beginning.




The musicians:

  • Michael Rosen  - Tenor and Soprano Saxophones

  • Marcus McLaurine - Bass

  • Werver "Vana" Gierig - Piano, Keyboards

  • George Gray - Drums

  • Cyro Baptista -Percussion

  • Mark Lambert - Guitar 




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