Detroit, Michigan based trumpet player Lin Rountree has just released his eighth album on Trippin 'N' Rhythm Records. Entitled The Message, Rountree combines music with a meaning.

Lin performs on the new album trumpet and flugelhorn. He is supported by Dana Davis (keys, programming), Al Turner (bass), Rick Watford (guitar), Michael Broening (keys, piano, synth, programming), Mel Brown (bass), Freddie Fox (guitar), Ryan La Valette (solo guitar), Greg Manning (keys, programming), Ray Fuller (guitar), Algebra Blesset (vocals), Eddie Strokes (keys, programming), Rick Ward (guitar), Chris "Big Dog" Davis (keys, programming), Demetrius Nabors (keys, piano, programming), Rob Skinner (bass), Gary Johnson (guitar) and Nate Winn (drums).

The album openes with Justified, a track that basically consists of a short phrase and a lot of instrumental atmosphere especially Lin's muted trumpet. Solid is more elaborately structured with solo trumpet and a wind section. Featured artist is Ryan La Valette on guitar.

It's You takes you in storm with a snappy horn arrangement of muted trumpet and trumpet. A Little Closer drives with hard stomping power. The affectionate ballad One You presents the soulful singer Algebra Blessett. This R&B vocalist has already released two solo albums which were able to place in the charts.

To The Top is a typical Chris "Big Dog" Davis tune with a nice jamming shuffle beat. Guitar star Ryan La Valette shows anew his prowess on guitar. With Can't Wait Lin leaves the realm of the radio format and opts for two longer pieces that give him more opportunity to develop and shape. Especially the title song embodies a melody with narrative character. The trumpet is of course at the center of the action.

When Chris Davis connects with Lin, pure magic ensues. Nite Of Passion is based on Chris' vibrant groove which fits perfectly with Lin's sustaining interpretation. Lin's distinctive penchant for harmonies is especially evident in the horn arrangement of the piece Magic Hour. A prolific collaboration with Detroit based pianist Demetrius Nabors.

Hot and funky are the two attributes that apply to Back In The Day. Lin closes his album with Tree's Goove, which caresses the listener one last time with soothing, gentle sounds.

Lin Rountree has put the creation of his new album The Message in the hands of experienced producers. The result convinces in every instance.






Album Information

Title: The Message
Artist: Lin Rountree
Year: 2023
Length: 0:54:35
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Trippin 'N' Rhythm Records

1) "Justified" (4:00)
2) "Solid feat. Ryan La Vallete" (4:26)
3) "It's You" (4:20)
4) "A Little Closer" (4:37)
5) "One You feat. Algebra Blessett" (3:36)
6) "To The Top feat. Ryan LaVallete" (4:28)
7) "Can't Wait" (6:05)
8) "The Message feat. Gary Johnson" (7:12)
9) "Nite Of Passion" (3:51)
10) "Magic Hour" (4:29)
11) "Back In The Day" (3:57)
12) "Tree's Groove" (3:32)

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