Mauri Sanchis  - Good Vibes!!!


Summer 2003 I visited Mauri Sanchis in his hometown in Alcoy, a small town between Alicante and Valencia in the East Coast of Spain. I was awaiting this meeting with high anticipation because I had previously listened and reviewed his debut album "Less Is More" (2003). After a warm welcome I had the opportunity to listen to Mauri's performance on the Hammond B-3. At this time I already knew, this musician will receive high accolades in the future.

Now Mauri is back with his second solo album "Good Vibes!!!". He is backed up by his live band Blas Fernández (drums), Xavi Alaman (bass), Javi Vela (guitar), Kiko Berenguer (sax), Raúl Garcia (trumpet). Furthermore he is joined by prominent musicians of the Spanish and international music scene. Michael Sanchis has written and composed all tracks except "Green Onions". He arranged and produced the whole album.

The album starts with the powerful Cookin' featuring sax player Bill Evans. This tune is funky and perfectly rockin'. Mauri's Hammond B-3 vibrations really gave me the creeps. Remarkable is the broad range of the Hammond organ tonalities from bright and screaming to a downright dirty bass!

The uptempo Everything is more mellow but still very accentuated. Blas Fernández does a great job on drums. 

Mauri Sanchis also masters slow ballads like the bluesy Lights. He is playing tones straight or let them drag always in the right moments. Guest performer is Javier Vargas (guitar).

In 1962 Booker T. & The MG's released the album Green Onions. This title can be found on compilations, box sets, and countless soundtracks. Mauri presents his own interpretation in a changed tempo.

One can divide Secrets into a smooth jazz and a fusion jazz piece with free jazz elements. Bill Evans created the horn arrangement.

Straight Ahead is featuring Dean Brown on guitar. He is best known for his work with Marcus Miller, Billy Cobham, David Sanborn, Bob James. Kirk Whalum, Bill Evans, Victor Bailey, George Duke and The Brecker Bros. Dean added the guitar part to this tune via internet. More about the making of the album is in the video which is additional part of this album. The tune is a funky burner, a mixture of James Brown and Marceo Parker.

Sure, Laidback Soul sounds laidback but Mauri's style is to raw to be pressed into the smooth jazz frame.

When we talk about Obsession we talk about Mauri's passion for his Hammond-B3. Mauri can expressed this obsession perfectly by his performance which escalate in a wild crescendo of guitar, trumpet and organ.

The title Beauty In The B was taken by Mark Vail's book "Beauty In The B". Mauri considered to write a text but then borrowed the lines from Mark's book which is rapped by Danna Leese. In addition Mauri presents 21 voices of international musicians from 21 different countries. Joey De Francesco, a famous Hammond B-3 master himself, is playing trumpet on this groovy tune.

Mauri Sanchis' new album "Good Vibes!!!" is pure entertainment not only for lovers of the Hammond B-3.


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  • Title: Good Vibes!!!
    Artist: Mauri Sanchis
    Year: 2006
    Length: 0:44:36
    Genre: General Jazz
    Label: BHM

    01 Cookin' [5:13]
    02 Everything [4:51]
    03 Lights [5:27]
    04 Green Onions [4:32]
    05 Secrets [5:00]
    06 Straight Ahead [4:34]
    07 Laidback Soul [5:19]
    08 Obsession [4:48]
    09 Beauty In The B [4:52]