Stardelay - A New High Fidelity Tripout


Stardelay is German-born multi-instrumentalist Carsten Mentzel. Carsten's specialty is the Fender Rhodes and the Fender Telecaster. Don't try to pigeonhole his creativity to one genre. His home is trip-hop, ambient-lounge, slow-funk, electro-pop, fusion jazz and nu jazz. Bitter-sweet emotionality and melancholy full of relish are created by dreamy guitars, sounds of sitars, mellow walls of keyboards and archaic bass. Beside his mastership on these instruments Carsten fosters his vocals with more than three octaves.

His first steps could be heard on Ozella Music's compilation The Sound Volume I. Now his debut album A New High Fidelity Tripout is released on the same label to enjoy the audience.

Slowly introduce a beat box to the Orange Park before the Rhodes stage piano steps in. A laidback tune in the contemporary chill out style. On Thoughts & Words Carsten Metzel reveals his mellow vocals with a female touch.

Stardelay's Why It's Warm presents elegant tones on electronic piano fading in the air. The Late Show is a short melodious interlude with a jazzy swing. On Welcome To Angua Carsten performs more of his spacey ambient music with a rhythm of heartbeat. Zeta 4000-31 is a short interlude with Indian sitar sound.

Friends of Fender Rhodes will love the clean sound of Earthlight with a catchy melody and a dynamic rhythm. It Could Be Sweet showcases Carsten's falsetto vocals. The first time I heard this song I assumed that a female singer would sing in the style of Sade. Mysterious.

Stardelay's Still Humming brings us back into the cool area of chill out. Some musician are able to play on a saw. This weird sound is nicely introduced into this genre. Starcollector is a dream catcher like a film score of a movie about Marilyn Monroe.

Floating vibrations are the signature sound of Untitled Symphony. A hypnotic sound and rhythm limited to the ultimate simplicity is significant for Stardelays. On Something Else Carsten expresses his wish to transform himself into another person. End Theme (Tripout) is the final curtain of this melody roundelay.

Carsten Metzel understands melancholy as a necessary component of life. He integrates this mood into his music and creates a mélange of ambient sounds with a special groove.





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  • Title: A New High Fidelity Tripout
    Artist: Stardelay
    Year: 2008
    Length: 0:53:52
    Genre: Lounge
    Label: Ozella Music

    01 Orange Park [4:41]
    02 Thoughts & Words [5:17]
    03 Why It's Warm [4:04]
    04 The Late Show [2:46]
    05 Welcome To Angua [3:43]
    06 Zeta 4000-31 [1:10]
    07 Earthlight [3:01]
    08 It Could Be Sweet [3:52]
    09 Still Humming [5:12]
    10 Starcollector [4:27]
    11 Untitled Symphony [3:38]
    12 Stardelays [3:23]
    13 Something Else [3:32]
    14 End Theme (Tripout) [5:06]