Detroit based keyboardist, songwriter, producer Marvin Thompson Jr. is a musician with a field of activity that extends far beyond the range of the usual jazz keyboard player.

He is writer of musicals and film scores, performed as musical director for several stage plays and has already released two albums, In Focus (2007) and this year Kind Words. Marvin has written all songs with the exception of Just The Two Of Us.

The album takes a start with From There to Here, a compact and dynamic piece of mastery on piano. The term multi-instrumentalist is completely filled by Marvin, perfection on all instruments. On Kind Words he conjures a tonal image of delicate fragility with equal allocation on piano and keyboards.

Just The Two Of Us is a welcome reunion with a good old friend. A song, which helped Grover Washington Jr. to historic size. Marvin approaches the theme carefully and gently controlled. Unmovable is an attribute of complex meaning in both positive and negative sense. Marvin succeeds in creating a successful sound collage of tender density.

Brilliant creators of musicals are characterized by an epic force of narrative art. The 24th Concept (From City Square) is a good example of Marvin's storytelling power. On Picture Window Marvin reveals his vocal quality that rivals with his instrumental skills.

This Time Tomorrow turns out to be solo piano reverie, which willingly takes the listener into the land of dreams. We Are Somebody / Postlude closes the album with a two-part episode, a nicely flowing final with some extra organ.

One can listen the experience, precision and passion with which Marvin Thompson Jr. transforms his emotional world into sounds. Much love for detail, own creativity and unbending will towards achieving irrepressible soulfulness, that's all in Kind Words.






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Album Information

Title: Marvin Thompson Jr.
Artist: Kind Words
Year: 2017
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: December Sky

1. From There to Here 3:34
2. Kind Words 3:57
3. Just the Two of Us 3:43
4. Unmovable 3:19
5. The 24th Concept (From City Square) 4:37
6. Picture Window 5:35
7. This Time Tomorrow 2:49
8. We Are Somebody / Postlude 2:47