Travis Vega - Smooth Urban Night


Young guitarist Travis Vega has already released the albums Through The Valley (2004) and Just Let It Flow (2007). Travis is already a proven songwriter/composer; his recent compositions charted the charts with radio hit singles Club Street (Les Sabler Sweet Drive) and Wine (Andrew Neu In Clear View).

Full of new ideas he couldn't resist to publish his third album Smooth Urban Night (2008), which will not only let enthuse lovers of smooth jazz guitar music. "I don't consider myself a straight ahead jazz musician, but a musician that has influences of jazz, pop, R&B, hip-hop, rock, I love to combine all those styles that have influenced me and create what feels good to me."

Following this motto one finds many new melodies enthralling audience and fellow musicians. Multi-instrumentalist Travis Vega has written, produced and performed all songs supported by his brother Jason Vega with digi drums and percussion.

In anticipation of the conclusion Travis entitles the starting song It's All Good. Travis' heritage are influences of George Benson, Wes Montgomery and Norman Brown. If you love these guitar styles, you will feel at home with Travis' guitar sound.

Vega Motion conjures the authentic feeling of contemporary life. Ambitious, direct and nevertheless full of emotion (e-motion). A repetitive melody with modern ornaments. The title song Smooth Urban Night is a melodious street finder in the urban darkness. To the end Travis shines as guitar virtuoso.

Like It Like That has a strong head bopping beat inviting for movement and dance. On Latin Knights Travis shows his deep knowledge of the Spanish school. A real mirror of the Latin scene in South California. Autumn Breeze is a return to the smooth jazz base with mellow tones.

Nite Flow is standing in a strong contrast between Travis' sensible and excellent guitar performance and the urban beat, which cannot reach the level of this sophistic guitar play.

Pacific Wind brings a breeze from Travis' home with guitar riffs along the scale. The fresh wind goes on in Summer Nights. The slow ballade Hear Me Say keeps you in uplifting mood. While Save It For Later rises the tempo to a danceable beat. With Good Feelin' closes Travis his ambitious album showcasing extensively his guitar chords.

Smooth Urban Nights is exactly what the title says. Smooth urban guitar sound at its best. No wonder that other guitar players are interested in Travis work and melodies.




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  • Title: Smooth Urban Night
    Artist: Travis Vega
    Year: 2008
    Length: 0:50:49
    Genre: Smooth Jazz
    Label: Smooth Axe Music


    01 It's All Good [4:06]
    02 Vega Motion [4:45]
    03 Smooth Urban Night [4:29]
    04 Like It Like That [3:41]
    05 Latin Knights [4:15]
    06 Autumn Breeze [4:24]
    07 Nite Flow [4:34]
    08 Pacific Wind [4:39]
    09 Summer Nights [3:49]
    10 Hear Me Say [3:40]
    11 Save It For Later [3:52]
    12 Good Feelin` [4:36]