Ted Vieira - Perfect Night


Ted Vieira is a jazz recording guitarist. He is often compared with George Benson, Wes Montgomery and Joe Pass. His favorite guitar is the Ibanez L-5. Listening to the sound of this guitar, you immediately know why I like his music, especially his album "Perfect Night". George Benson plays Ibanez GB200 and GB10, but there is no great difference between the sound of these guitars. But Ted also plays keyboards and know a lot about drum programming. To complete his universatility he also arranged ,wrote and digitally recorded, mixed and recorded all songs on his third album. The result is a remarkable professional album.

First of all I recommend to concentrate on Ted's phenomenal guitar play starting A Little Better. I must admit I also followed the arrangement and observed all instruments Ted plays like bass, strings, keyboards etc. A smooth starter.

Desert Sky has some Latin flavor. His guitar play is fluently and he easily manages even ambitious parts of his song. Ted Vieira is a professional guitarist with over twenty years of experience in performance, composition and teaching and this is his demonstration. 

His relaxed style is significant. Listen for example to Takin' A Break

A piece for slow dancing lovers is The Closer I Get To You. This cover version was formerly performed by Roberta Flack on her album "Blue Lights in the Basement" (1977). The song was an intoxicating duet with Donny Hathaway. If Ted would have engaged a real trumpet player for this intimate tune, it would be perfect.

One of Ted's favorite percussion instrument is the Kalimba. Introducing Time To Go, Ted showcases bongos, wood sticks and a great omnium-gaterum of other rhythm instruments.

"Altered dominant chords are one of the staples of jazz. Being able to not only solo over those types of chords, but also create those kinds of sounds in your solos is an invaluable strength to have as a player." Ted realizes this proposition on Something Special.

Ted's liking for smooth slicks is obvious. Not A Care is no exception.

Your Eyes also has a groovy going. The melody is echoed by several accompanying instruments. Ted has a great talent and doesn't hide it on this album.

What's Going On is one of the most played covers I personally know. Marvin Gaye had fought hard to get Motown to release this title. It's an epic song cycle on which Marvin took total control and weaved his observations about inner city youth, the ecology, and race relations. Ted's version is flawless.

A mellow finish with lyrical chords is Perfect Night. Ted has performed in every venue imaginable ranging from small intimate clubs, to being a featured performer at international jazz festivals. This album is featuring his silky style as a player in intimate clubs.


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