Michael Whalen is an American composer, pianist, and music producer. He has composed music for a wide range of mediums, including film, television, and advertising. Whalen has released numerous solo albums throughout his career, blending elements of classical, new age, and electronic music. He has also collaborated with various artists and musicians, including Suzanne Vega, David Foster and Carly Simon. Whalen's work has received critical acclaim and he has been nominated for several awards, including a Grammy and won two times the Emmy® Award.

His new album is entitled Brokenhearted Lopsided Blues. Michael has composed, arranged, performed, produced, recorded & mixed the complete project. He has performed synthesizers, keyboards, piano, electronic & acoustic drums & percussion, drum programming, hesitant rhythm guitar, processed voice, vocoder, organ & sound effects.

The album opens with So Far From Home, a Caribbean-inspired ode to wanderlust. With dynamic staccato percussion and steel pan sounds, Whalen skillfully conveys the allure of faraway places, bringing spice to life with its exoticism. Whalen owns a large collection of synthesizers, which are also used audibly on Shorty's In Love.

The title Brokenhearted Lopsided Blues is somewhat misleading, as one actually expects a musical treatment of the loss of a love. Instead, the extensive use of the synthesizer also dominates on this piece. Quite idyllic, First Light conveys the impression of warmth and coziness.

The Sweet Sweet Rain is salvation after a day of sun-burning drought. The calming synth-sound washes the worries away and leaves us in a state of relief. When the trees lose their leaves, the time of fall begins. My Autum Heart is dedicated to this time of year, because the heart listens to the call of nature.

The Egyptian capital Cairo is fascinating due to its exotic hustle and bustle from a Western perspective, numerous sights and the flair of great history, which Whalen musically recreates with Cairo Blues. Dance Of The Morning reminds me sonically of Stevie Winwood's Arc Of The Diver, probably through the use of the Prophet 5 synthesizer.

All That You Dream is Whalen's concerto of choice, as he once again reaches into the vast arsenal of his keyboard world. A Million Miles From My Heart exudes the atmosphere of distant worlds that an astronaut traverses on his lonely journey to new horizons.

Michael Whalen presents with Borkenhearted Lopsided Blues an intensive insight into his sonic universe. Undoubtedly a genius in the world of keys.







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Album Information

Title: Brokenhearted Lopsided Blues
Artist: Michael Whalen
Year: 2024
Genre: Fusion Jazz

1. So Far From Home
2. Shorty's In Love
3. Brokenhearted Lopsided Blues
4. First Light
5. The Sweet Sweet Rain
6. My Autumn Heart
7. Cairo Blues
8. Dance Of The Morning
9. All That You Dream
10. A Million Miles From My Heart