Some factors apply to guitarist Patrick Yandall. He publishes music a lot and regularly. His music is stylistically extremely variable, over smooth jazz, R&B, rock and blues everything can be found. As a rule, the complete project from recording to distribution is in his hands. The electric guitar is at the center of his creations.

All this is also applicable to his new album Dance In The Rain, which was released in June 2023. With 14 songs and over an hour of playing time, the album is packed to the brim.

The album opens with City Boy, a fresh guitar tune showcasing Patrick's eclectic handling of his favorite instrument. He includes a popular Bossa Nova element underlining the importance of music in the urban life.

Every artist follows his own purpose. Most want to create a melody which stays in mind long after the song fades. The musical process of the search is found in Find Your Purpose. The title song featuring singer Eugene "Gene-o" Cole has something of Bob Dylan's legacy.

The title House Party accurately describes the entertainment intention of the next song. Poly Funk delivers something for the friends of funk on the nylon guitar. In contrast, Seascape glides into the realm of smooth jazz. Followed by Cool That where Patrick celebrates the single chords in a slow way. 

On East of Nathans, Patrick switches between different modulations of the electric guitar. Just Dance is Patrick's concern, because dancing is a positive reaction of the human being to experiencing music. The backstage area is exciting and exclusive, especially when big stars are performing.

The first name Sabishi comes from the Japanese and means Sad Way and so Patrick's song melts a touch of melancholy with Japanese music. The theme of Joy is found more often in Patrick's music, this time in The Joy In You. The voluminous work comes to a close with Summer Sky, undoubtedly the most radio-friendly song on his album.

Patrick Yandall serves up a rich and varied menu of guitar music with Dance In The Rain.







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Album Information

Title: Dance In The Rain
Artist: Patrick Yandall
Year: 2023
Length: 1:02:01
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Zangi Records

1) "City Boy" (4:21)
2) "Find Your Purpose" (4:25)
3) "Dance In the Rain (Feat. Gene-O Cole)" (4:17)
4) "House Party" (4:21)
5) "Poly Funk" (4:20)
6) "Seascape" (4:28)
7) "Cool That" (4:37)
8) "East of Nathans" (4:08)
9) "Just Dance" (4:07)
10) "Backstage" (4:42)
11) "Sabishi" (5:06)
12) "Sol Food" (4:11)
13) "The Joy In You" (4:21)
14) "Summer Sky" (4:33)