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Detroit born Justin Young came in young years in contact with music. That was always, what he wanted to do. He started playing sax in a school band. Justin's father Jim Young, also a musician,  had a great influence on Justin's development. Justin often attended his father's rehearsals and when he was fifteen years old, he performed with his father. With 17 years he already played in casinos in the Detroit area. It was there, where his live performance started to grow.

On The Way is Justin Young's debut album. The album was longtime in the making. Three years ago Justin met producer and keyboardist Noell Hall. Justin wrote together with Hall the first track JY Funky. Justin also won for his project Tom Schuman (Spyro Gyra), Paul Brown, Gail Jhonson, Tim Bowman and more.

There is no doubt. After the first tones of Sunny you know, this young musician has an ear for music. The track is well arranged and Justin mastered fearlessly the highest tones of his saxophone

Justin Young performs Luve Handles with sensible intonation. Tom Schuman co-wrote the track and adds romantic keyboard lines, guitar sound and drum programming.

Gail Jhonson convinced the author with her debut album Keep The Music Playing. She paints On The Way Here with a tropical marimba touch. Justin encloses more vivid colors and Paul Brown delivers with his Wah guitar the final oil.

We all know Spyro Gyra's Morning Dance and this world hit certainly inspired Tom Schuman to the remarkable Evening Dance showcasing Justin Young in an impressing attitude of ease and loveliness.

Gail Jhonson's second contribution to Young's album is the hooking A Minor Groove. My outmost respect!

JY Funky shows Justin Young's funky side. This tune was the entrance to Justin debut project. Less like Marceo Parker but more like Dave Koz the tune flatters smooth jazz radio stations.

Young has a distinctive affinity for slow smooth ballades. We heard it on Hanna. A song featuring Tim Bowman on acoustic guitar. Young plays besides alto and soprano sax also tenor sax like on the up-tempo New Day. Showers is a good example for Young's expressiveness, he masters strong  and subtil whispering tones.

R&B star Gene McFadden, best known for the smash hit Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now, has also written the ballade Falling which got popular by Melba Moore. Justin Young delivers a nice interpretation on tenor sax.

Probably the best and funkiest song on this album is Expressway 94 written by Schuman and Young. More stuff of this caliber on the next album!

Final tune is the love ballade Just Her and I featuring Gail Jhonson on piano and Justin Young on alto sax. Fine arrangement, performance and technique.

Justin Young is really on the way to fame and stardom. He has a great potential.





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  • Title: On The Way
    Artist: Justin Young
    Year: 2007
    Length: 0:49:54
    Genre: Smooth Jazz
    Label: Independent

    01 Sunny [3:25]
    02 Luv Handles [4:38]
    03 On The Way Here [3:58]
    04 Evening Dance [4:04]
    05 A Minor Groove [4:55]
    06 JY Funky [3:42]
    07 Hanna [4:14]
    08 New Day [3:45]
    09 Showers [4:06]
    10 Falling [4:30]
    11 Expressway 94 [4:02]
    12 Just Her And I [4:33]