Johann Asmundsson



So Low

After recently reviewing the album of the bassist Larry Antonino I have anew the opportunity to present an album with the bass as the lead instrument. It's Johann Asmundsson's first solo project So Low as the pun of the title clarified. Residing in Reykjavik, Iceland he has been working in the studio and live with most of Iceland's contemporary musicians in jazz, pop and rock settings. So Johann has assembled at his album the who is who of the Icelandian contemporary jazz scene reinforced by London musicians like Jamie Odell, the son of Roger Odell, who has already improved his skills in the new Beatifik album "The Blue Window". Since their hit "Garden Party" Johann Asmundsson is an integral member of the famous group Mezzoforte like Fridrik Karlsson, who also plays with the group Shakatak since several years. So, it lay on the hand, to produce an album under the Passion Jazz label, the label of Beatifik and Fridrik Karlsson.

The uptempo So Low starts with Johann's propulsing bass runnings introducing in his bass solo with some solo breaks of Mike Campagna's tenor sax.

After demonstarting his skills on bass Johann catchs with Fridrik the attention of the pampered audience with Round In Circles, a piece of hit-quality.

Touch My Soul is another confession to the Smooth Jazz with Sigurdur Flosason's perceptive solo on soprano sax.

When All Is Through is another chillout gem for friends of Fridrik Karlson's guitar music. An artist, who absolutely needs to be discovered by the huge US music market. 

To Do Or Not To Do, a modification of Shakespeare's "to be or to be" adds a funky attitude to the album. Sigurdur Flosason and David Thor Jonsson brilliant on alto sax respectively solo synth.

Shake It Of shows Johann's plugged bass mastership. By the way Johann plays Neuser basses, but also loves the Sadowsky and the JA-Special. This time we can listen to Oskar Gudjonsson on tenor sax, a worthy addition as guest musician.

Pleasure Point is a slowtempo tune with an old-fashion beat. May be a little recuperation after so many uptempo pieces.

Was This A Dream is a slow tempo tune with a more dark atmosphere. Outstanding Eythor Gunnarsson 's synth solo and Johann's deep fretless bass solo.

Chunk Stump is a short slap bass interplay.

DJ Platurn scratchs into Funky Feelin'. Sigurdur Flosason, Joel Palsson and  Samuel J. Samuelsson are backing up with the improvising brass part.

Some Latin flavor with Portugal Samba are magicing Gunnlaugur Briem (Drums/Percussion) and Eythor Gunnarsson (Congas), but the ulrtimative master-wizzard is undoubtly Johann with his slap and fretless bass. David Thor Jonsson adds some nice salsa runnings at piano.

After a samba a waltz? Why not: Serenity Waltz. A slowtempo melancholic tune perfectly set in scene by Eythor Gunnarsson on acoustic piano. His sensible piano touches are followed by Joel Palsson 's smooth tenor sax.

Phat final with Johann's slap bass. Halldor Gunnlaugur Hauksson plays the drums in  Jinda's jinglebell style.

This album is not only for lovers of the bass a palatable appetizer.




The musicians:
  • Johann Asmundsson  - All Basses, Additional Guitars and Keyboards
  • Sigurgeir Sigmundsson - Guitar
  • Arnar Gislason - Drums
  • Omar Gudjonsson - Guitar
  • David Thor Jonsson - Rhodes, Synth
  • Sigurdur Flosason - Alto Sax, Soprano Sax
  • Joel Palsson - Tenor Sax
  • Samuel J. Samuelsson - Trombone
  • DJ Platurn (Illugi Magnusson) - Scratching 
  • Gunnlaugur Briem - Drums/Percussion
  • Oskar Gudjonsson - Tenor Sax
  • Thorir Ulfarsson - Keyboards, Rhodes
  • Eythor Gunnarsson - Keyboards, Congas, Acoustic Piano, Synth Solo
  • Matthias Hemstokk - Drums
  • Mike Cmpagna - Tenor Sax
  • Thorir Baldursson - Hammond
  • Fridrik Karlsson - Guitars, Keyboards
  • Jamie Odell - Drum Programming,  Keyboards
  • Oskar Einarsson - Keyboards, Rhodes
  • Einar Valur Scheving - Drums
  • Kristjan Gretarsson  - Guitar
  • Halldor Gunnlaugur Hauksson - Drums



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