Plan 9  - The 9 Days of Christmas

It's summertime. We have 25 Celsius and sunshine in Germany. More than 4 months to December. Drew Bentley just sent me "The 9 Days of Christmas". This is the upcoming and second album of the group Plan 9. I met Drew, the guitar player of the group Plan 9, in Fort Lauderdale (Florida) in January and after a nice smalltalk I have made an interview with him after my return to Germany. He was already announcing this future project. Currently the group is touring in bookstores in Florida and they also play tunes of this album, which will probably be released in November.

Plan 9 is an unusual jazz group, so you can await an unusual Christmas album. Although the album contains classical Christmas themes, Plan 9 understands to give these hyms a new turn. If you haven't the opportunity to attend one of their gigs, you can listen to the downloadable soundsample "God Rest Ye" at

God Rest Ye starts with Drew's contemplative acoustic guitar melody. Surprisingly the song changes into a Latin-flavored jazzy jamming.

Good King W starts with a fresh tablas rhythm bridging to the central theme. Plan 9 knows to produce a groovy tune out of an old dusty hymn.

Silent Night has a high recognition factor. May be some chinese rice workers have never heard this melody, the rest of the world know it. The acoustic guitar is the best instrument to express the lead theme. Together with the brass section, choir and Charlie DeChant's dreamy sax the tune obtains an entertaining character.

O Come Emmanuel starts as a ChaCha piece with some Salsa flava. Astonishing transformation-work, a small swing break in the middle of tune gives this tune the necessary condiment.

We Three Kings is without doubt a really popular Christmas song. All music guide lists 377 versions of this piece. Plan 9 presents a dynamic propulsing rendition of this holiday classic.

Away In The Manger has seen many prolific interprets like Nat King Cole. Plan 9 are swinging terrificly in their Bossa style.

Still being gift wrapped are the further songs It Came Upon A Midnight Clear, What Child Is This and The Christmas Sweet

This album isn't just a Christmas album. If you just want something to get you in the right mood (the holiday mood), take it. But this album is something for all seasons.