Detroit based composer, record producer and musician Randy Scott just released his 8th solo album called Oasis with a breath of fresh air for the smooth jazz genre.

He established his solo career with the albums Randy Scott (1994), Future (1999), Words Unspoken (2002), Breathe (2007), 90 Degrees at Midnight (2011), Serenity (2015) and Elevation (2020). Oasis is his fourth album on Trippin N Rhythm Records.

The new album contains ten new tracks written by Randy Scott and several other composers. The recording was supported by Gary Johnson (guitar),  Reginald Gay (bass fills), Mel Brown (bass), Freddie Fox (guitar), Michael Broening (piano, keyboards, drum programming), Kris Johnson (trumpet),  Khristian Foreman (trombone), Nate Winn (drums),  Robert Skinner (bass), Krayon (piano, keyboards, additional keys), Ryan La Valette (bells, drum programming), Darryl Dixon (guitar), Al Turner (bass), Bill Moio (guitar), Morgan Scott (background vocals). Randy Scott is performing sax, keys, drum programming, piano, background vocals, EWI).

The album opens with the explosive Fixation. The pulsating rhythm gives the whole song a dynamic that provides an excellent basis for Randy's saxophone performance. Michael Broening creates a magical atmosphere with Twilight. An opportunity for Randy to show his softer side.

Michael also penned the headbopping Glow. Freddie Fox on guitar and Mel Brown on bass provide the grooving rhythm on which Randy can work his wizardry. The title song Oasis could be inspired by Ed Sheeran with its intro. The highlight is certainly Randy's use of EWI, which gives his saxophone performance the right kick.

On Vibes, guitarist Gary Johnson shows off his skills in a small but brilliant solo. Northern Lights was originally written and performed by Paul Hardcastle for his album The Jazzmasters I (1991). This time Randy shows on his rendition the expressiveness that can be achieved with the EWI.

Paradise is often associated with a lush, tropical environment with crystal-clear waters, white sandy beaches, and abundant sunshine. Randy gives this idea an acoustic embodiment with his song. On Promises Randy showcases that he not only masters the saxophone but also the keys.

On the romantic Embrace you have the opportunity to listen to guitarist Bill Moio, who despite his ingenious playing makes himself scarce in the music world. The aptly named song Tranquility brings the album to a peaceful, relaxed close.

With his album Oasis, Randy Scott shows that there are still gems to be found in the music world of smooth jazz that will enhance any record collection.






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Album Information

Title: Oasis
Artist: Randy Scott
Year: 2024
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Trippin N Rhythm Records


1) "Fixation" (4:10)
2) "Twilight" (4:34)
3) "Glow" (4:56)
4) "Oasis" (3:40)
5) "Vibes" (4:36)
6) "Northern Lights" (4:24)
7) "Paradise" (4:29)
8) "Promises" (3:54)
9) "Embrace" (4:58)
10) "Tranquility" (3:58)


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