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When Burt Brion was badly hit by a buffet of fate he didn't despair. Since he was no longer able to work as a teacher, Burt began making his living playing music at several churches and playing gigs in town. His debut album is build on the experience of the past fifteen years. 

The album was produced, mixed and recorded by Allan Phillips who also plays keyboards, percussion and programming on this album. Allan has performed and/or recorded for such legends as the late Bob Hope and Tito Puente as well as Kenny Loggins, Patti LaBelle, Kenny Rogers, Al Jarreau, Sheila E., Brenda Russell, ZapMama, Peter White, Thomas Mapfumo, Jeff Lorber, Kirk Whalum, Fattburger, Big Mountain, Sergio Mendes and the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Burt Brion has written all songs, a real gem of originality.

Let's Get It Going is Burt's motto and the first title of his debut album. The tune offers much energy with elements of gospel and jazz. Deborah Flores' scat power is the special refinement which levels the tune in superior regions.

It's Your Turn is featuring John Rekevics on soprano sax. Burt Brion's piano play reminds me at the pianist David Benoit. Matt Clowminzer blows fresh guitar wind into the gentle arrangement.

There are certainly more parallels to other smooth jazz musicians as Sunrise Serenade reveals. Bob James' monster hit Angela comes into mind.

Say The Word is featuring Burt Brion and Mattie Mills in an awesome soulful duet. Mattie Mills is lead singer of the San Diego based band "The Heroes". She has been singing in this popular band for 19 years and has done countless charity events.

Encore is the dynamic proceed with elements of fusion and rock. This professional variety enriches the album and invigorates Brion's music. Outstanding John Rekevics' sax stake.

More thoughtful is the following tune A Time To Remember. This mélange of gospel music and New Age really fits into Christmas time.

On Do The Right Thing Burt Brion turns the wheel anew into another direction. This song is Brion's appeal to positive activity.

What can be so cozy like a lullaby. Lena's Lullaby is as smooth and caressing as a lullaby can be.

Changes Are Coming is another song with a positive mood and impetus. Burt says: Don't give up. There is hope that changes are coming for you

My Two Little Boys is a sentimental song idealizing Burt's relationship to his children. There is melancholy in the air when Burt sings: "One day you will fly away with girls and bigger toys..."

Second Chances is the final tune, a solo piano piece with much feeling and soul. 

It's easy to recognize that Burt has written and played in his debut album with much life-blood. His album is a point of mediation and reflection in this giddy-paced time.





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  • Title: Say The Word
    Artist: Burt Brion
    Year: 2005
    Length: 0:51:06
    Genre: Cool/West Coast Jazz
    Label: Mister B Records

    01 Let's Get It Going [4:20]
    02 It's Your Turn [6:03]
    03 Sunrise Serenade [4:19]
    04 Say The Word [4:00]
    05 Encore [5:08]
    06 A Time To Remember [4:09]
    07 Do The Right Thing [5:19]
    08 Lena's Lullaby [4:32]
    09 Changes Are Coming [5:09]
    10 My Two Little Boys [4:11]
    11 Second Chances [3:56]