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Dee Brown aka Demitris Edwards Brown was born in Detroit, Michigan. In his youth he was exposed to jazz and r&b. These influences and artists such as George Benson and Wes Montgomery formed him to the great guitar player Dee Brown. His first band was called "One Wish"  consisting of three singers. Dee was the tenor singer. After this project in the r&b genre Dee stepped into smooth jazz with a collaboration joining sax player Gentry Shelby ("Shelby Brown") on the album "Miracle".

"No Time To Waste" is his debut album (2006). Dee's crew are Gerald Mitchell (piano, keyboard, drum programming), Dezie McCullers Jr. (tenor sax) and Dave Henderson (bass), furthermore on some tracks Raphael Merriweather Jr. (drums), Reginald B. Williams Jr., Asha Williams (vocals). Dee was supported by producer Gerald Mitchell, his long time friend and member of the group Los Hermanos. This album is like "Miracle" mostly instrumental with Dee's guitar in the lime light.

The album starts with Blue Street. Don't await a track like Joe Zawinul's "Brown Street". We are certainly on the platform of smooth jazz. Gerald Mitchell's keyboards intro is excellent and together with Dee Brown's guitar playing and the outstanding Dezie McCullers Jr. on tenor sax one receives a perfect first impression.

After a short phone call - Answer The Message - often to hear from the first r&b albums of the 80`s to the contemporary music and a magnificent short intro -  - we approach No Time To Waste. This tune is a mixture of r&b and smooth jazz, vocals with noblesse enriched with a superb asset of guitar, keyboards and sax.

Confessions is a tune with a funky accentuated uptempo beat. Dee Brown showcases more of his impressive guitar mastership. Gerald Mitchell's arrangement refined with Dezie McCullers Jr.'s tenor sax is a delicious piece of smooth jazz.

Sunday Jazz is featuring Audra Bryant (not Audra Phillips as written in the liner notes of the CD). Audra Bryant is best known by several jazz projects like "The House of Urban Grooves" (aka T.H.U.G. Jazz) and "Def Jazz" (Hidden Beach Records). She deserves an own album, a blessed voice.

Dee Brown's Place is the musical picture of a jazz café where musicians are jamming together. Imagine a relaxed brilliant performance. 

Together As One is first of all a long interlude to the following tune. But it also shows the professionalism of Gerald Mitchell (keyboards) and Dee Brown (guitar). They create with some tones a tight atmosphere.  

Before I Began is settled on the interface between smooth jazz and r&b. This is the concept one already could observe on many records of Hidden Beach Records, very attractive and infectious.

Dee Brown and Dezie McCullers Jr. are Reunited in an awesome duet of guitar and sax.

One also finds some Latin flavor on this album. El Spanyo reveals that Dee Brown also masters the Spanish school of guitar performance. Gerald and Dee deliver a breathtaking firework of tones.

The ballade Wings Of Love is featuring the lead vocals Reginald B. Williams Jr. and Asha Williams. This ballade stands in direct contrast to the following funky and uptempo Call Me Up. Both songs are standing in the tradition of r&b. Melody and song arrangements remind me at good old Motown Records time. But there is a certain instrumental refinement which makes these songs contemporary.

The last tune Beautiful Melodic is not the final curtain. Let your CD-player run to the reprise of Wings Of Love and Call Me Up.

It's the mesmerizing fusion of smooth jazz and r&b which makes No Time To Waste so irresistible. A perfect start for a high-talented guitarist.





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  • Title: No Time To Waste
    Artist: Dee Brown
    Year: 2006
    Length: 0:57:59
    Genre: Smooth Jazz
    Label: DéLaf Records

    01 Blue Street [3:39]
    02 Answer The Message [0:36]
    03 No Time To Waste (Intro) [0:20]
    04 No Time To Waste [4:05]
    05 Confessions [4:14]
    06 Sunday Jazz [4:16]
    07 Dee Brown's Place [4:08]
    08 Together As One [1:38]
    09 Before I Began [4:37]
    10 Reunited [3:55]
    11 El Spanyo [4:49]
    12 Wings Of Love [4:01]
    13 Call Me Up [3:40]
    14 Beautiful Melodic [14:01]