Andrew Oh - Silk


What is softer than silk? Andrew Oh's music. Smooth Jazz recording artist Andrew Oh, born in Singapore now Australian resident has played with Sammy Davis jr., Sergio Mendez, Roberta Flack, The Drifters, The Bee Gees, The Carpenters, The Supremes, Phil Perry, Al Jarreau, John Denver, Louie Shelton, Cher and many more. In the film "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome" he played the role of the blind saxophone player "Tonton Tattoo".  His self titled debut album was released in USA in 1997. Produced by Denny Jiosa and Michael Morye this album gained the Gavin Smooth Jazz charts and remained for 17 weeks.

His newest album  "Silk" is composed and arranged by Noel Elmowy and Andrew Oh. It features some of the best Smooth Jazz musicians from USA and Australia. A very smart starter is Only For You. Andrew 's superb sax is well supported by Deiter Kleeman on electric guitar, Noel Elmowy on keyboards and piano  and Land Richards on drums. The tune is relaxing like a warm summer night in an elegant night café.

Out Of Darkness has a surprising opening by Bu-Baca De Maurice on African Drums. It's an energetic up tempo tune. Noel Elmowy's handwriting is unadulteratedly recognizable. Andrew's sax is the icing on the top.

The slow tempo title song Silk features Andrew's skills on tenor saxophone. This tune is perfectly tailored for the smooth jazz radios in America.

That Andrew can also play flute in a superb way is shown up on Stepping Out. I personally prefer such up tempo pieces. They represent the real nature of a musician's soul. A special shout out to Victor Rounds on bass, who sets his own accents.

Sunday Afternoon is a slow tempo piece for teatime dreaming.

This tempo continues on Heaven. Mellow tones are a specialty of Andrew Oh, this time on alto sax.

More energy is to find on Cruise Control. Tony Azzoparti on percussion and congas warms up my heart. Noel on keyboards and Peter Northcote on acoustic guitar are further highlights.

Andrew and Noel 's reflections on Alone At Midnight are a resting-point with an excursion in some swing moments.

A burst out into Detours with hot timbales and bongos. Featured artist is Louie Shelton on guitar. We are impatiently awaiting his new album. 

A traditional Smooth Jazz tune is Summer Rain. Full of emotions incorporated in the mellow sound of Andrew's tenor sax, spiced with Noel's keyboards soloing. Clive Harrison's solo on fretless bass is too short.

Wildest Dreams is a modest final. 

This album is especially recommendable for all friends of sax music.


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