Talking Book  - Chasing The Green


The term smooth jazz is often defined as instrumental music. This is certainly an unnecessary restriction of this genre. Since Sade we all know that vocals are a fundamental part of smooth jazz. Keeping that in mind we are standing in front of a wide field of creativity. 

Main actor on this field is the group Talking Book. J. Kari formed Talking Book as a studio group to record his original songs. A super indie band with veteran experience is presenting their debut album "Chasing The Green" (2006). Their motto: "We're putting the cerebral soul sound into smooth jazz!"

The album starts with The Story Of Life featuring the mellow voice of soul singer Mr. Jonz. The song is about struggling in the city and overcoming all daily problems. Sam Skelton, an accomplished sax player with academic background, sets moody jazz accents.

From time to time I listen to songs which have the quality of a classic. Your Soul Baby is beyond all doubt such a song with a great timeless charm. Short and attractive.

Now is featuring prolific lead singer Sam Salter who is together with Mr.Jonz, Michael Anthony, Kiana Teal, and J. Kari member of Talking Book. Smooth vocals with an appealing potential.

Eye For Love is a romantic ballade of singer Sam Salter whose vocals reminds me at the young Babyface. That's not a mere accident. Salter's debut album " It's On Tonight" (1998) was a collaboration with Kenneth Edmonds. His second album "The Little Black Book" (2000) was only released in Japan. Currently, Salter is in the studio working on his third album, tentatively titled "Strictly For Da Bedroom", and set for release in 2007.

Love isn't the only theme J. Kari is writing about. One also finds songs against violence like No Stopping The War. J. Kari a successor of Marvin Gaye?

On A September Morn is featuring Mr. Jonz in the style of Jon Lucien ("Endless Love"). This song was the first single of Talking book which was recorded in 2005.

Sam Salter's languishing vocals are melting with awesome acoustic guitar sound to the divine Two Wings.

The title track Chasing The Green is featuring Michael Anthony and Kiana Teal in an awesome song between despair and hope. Kiana Teal a 24 year strong soulful new voice that can be heard both on lead and background vocals, Michael Anthony a young singer who has already released his first song.

On The Movie Sam Salter is shining again in wonderful celestial harmonies.

Sam Salter's sultry vocals with other nuances can be heard On Your Knees. A critical song about ghetto life.

The album closes with an instrumental version of the tune Now. Sam Skelton's sax is the lead instrument in this smooth tune. Sam Skelton is a member of the R & B band The Neons and a member of the Praise and Worship team at The Church Of The Apostles in Atlanta. He also can be heard on recordings by artists as Train, Matchbox 20, The Gap Band and The Ohio Players.

Jaared Kari has created with "Chasing The Green" a little wonder combining the best of soul and smooth jazz.



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  • Title: Chasing The Green
    Artist: Talking Book
    Year: 2006
    Length: 0:46:55
    Genre: General R&B / Smooth Jazz
    Label: Third Angels Records

    01 Story Of Life [4:23]
    02 Your Soul Baby [3:41]
    03 Now [3:48]
    04 Eye For Love [4:09]
    05 No Stopping The War [4:27]
    06 On A September Morn [4:43]
    07 Two Wings [4:19]
    08 Chasing The Green [4:10]
    09 The Movie [3:51]
    10 On Your Knees [5:24]
    11 No (Instrumental) [3:59]