Michael Vince  - Michael Vince


Michael Vince started his career with Texas-based jazz/fusion group, 12:30pm Band. Although the band garnered favorable reviews in and around northern Texas and southern Oklahoma while receiving radio airplay throughout the Midwest, as well as in New York and Philadelphia the great break-through was not be long in coming. There is no doubt that Michael has a great talent as writer and performer. But it's a hard time today's and one has to know the regular fellows to receive the golden popularity. Michael was lucky enough to met rainmaker Paul Brown. So the story begins here and now. 

Michael has recently published his debut album "Michael Vince". Two tunes on this album "Slow and Easy" and "After Hours" are produced by Paul Brown. 

Michael has played in the first three tracks on this album as multi-instrumentalist (guitars, bass, keyboards & programming). The album starts with Back In The Day, a slow laid-back tune. Michael is an excellent writer and performer cause the melody has an addictive power. Michael is placing all tones with consideration.

He also knows the magic of a hooking melody as he proofed with Serenade. He often uses the possibilities of overdubbing to add a second guitar sound to the first. In this way he weaves solo elements in the pure melody recital.

On the uptempo A Love Like This he showcases his mastery on quick passages without neglecting the melodious part. The distortion sound in the second half of the song gives the melody the right raw kick.

Slow & Easy is featuring Paul Brown on guitar (and additional keys & programming) and Anthony Long on tenor sax. The title says it all.

On After Hours Michael is supported by Paul Brown (guitar, percussion) and  Roberto Vally (bass). When one listens to both guitars it's understandable that Michael contributed a tune to Paul Brown's third and up-coming album release due out in 2007. Michael wrote and arranged the tune and also performed the drum programming and keyboards for the track.

Michael's debut album is perfect smooth jazz, a touching resource of new ideas.