The Jazz Room  - Vocal Jazz


In October 2004 the label Groove United launched the collection "Jazz Room" a five-CD series (Latin Jazz, Classic Jazz, Vocal Jazz, Jazz Sampler, Smooth Jazz). I recently reviewed the album Smooth Jazz. Information about the label and their artists can be read there. The album "Vocal Jazz" presents the vocalists Wade O. Brown Delihla, Brandy Callahan, Lisa Miranda and Michelle Brown.

These singers are performing different styles taken from the Golden Age of Jazz through to the "New Millennium". This variety makes the album interesting.

The best way to realize the quality of a singer is to listen to a classic tune. This Masquerade is featuring Wade O. Brown. The writer and composer of "This Masquerade" is Leon Russell, who's unusual biography can be read here. Very popular was this song when George Benson released a cover on his legendary album "Breezin'". He is still playing this song on his tours. Wade O. Brown's version hasn't to hide behind this giant of pop history. I cannot get the imagination of Luther Vandross out of my mind, when I hear his voice.

Delihla's Love Me Baby is a romantic  love song in a slow tempo mood. Mike Sereny lets the song glow with his piano accompany. 

Classic jazz of the 40's is performed by Brandy Callahan on Teach Me Tonight. "There are many who have helped shape my character, but my vocal abilities come from God," comments Brandy. And this young woman can really scat.

When Sunny Gets Blue was composed by Marvin Fisher and written by Jack Segal. This popular duo has made the music for Barbara Streisand, Sinead O'Conner, Frank Sinatra, Cher, Al Jarreau, Nat King Cole, Steve  Miller, Johnny Mathis and Tony Bennett. Lisa Miranda performs this song in a classic way with a wonderful tremolo.

The song Nature Boy and his composer Eden Ahbez originally performed by Nat King Cole in 1948 has a special story. The song tells a fantasy of a "strange enchanted boy" "who wandered very far" only to learn that "the greatest gift" "was just to love and be loved in return. It could be the life story of Eden Ahbez. Anyway this song was a phenomenal hit in the 40's and soon got a classic. Delihla's interpretation is near the original.

Next song is an impressing revival of George and Ira Gershwin's Embraceable You presented by Brandy Callahan. Brandy's public appearance in the Canadian idol show is only her first step to popularity. All critics confirm: "This lady can sing!"

This album doesn't contain only covers. Dave Sereny has composed and performed Oh Great Lord. Awesome Singer of this tune is Delihla. The tune homogeneously fits in the concept.

Jazz fans will also like You Don't Know What Love Is. This song was covered by innumerous artists like Chet Baker, Tony Burnett, Etta James, John Abercombie and more. The song was originally composed by Gene DePaul for the film "Keep 'Em Flying" (1941). The lyrics were written by Don Raye. Wade O. Brown's rendition is a gorgeous alternative.

The classic jazz song par excellence is George Gershwin's Summertime. Brandy Callahan's modern interpretation will find attentive listeners.

Convince yourself of Dave Sereny's compositional and musician skills by listening to Delihla's Precious Love.

Crazy He Calls Me was created by Carl Sigman and Bob Russell. This song is so popular that it was covered by hundreds of Pop and Jazz greats from Nat King Cole to Janis Joplin. Michelle Brown is the singer of this version and she does a good job.

If you are a lover of vocal jazz classics you should select this album for your personal consideration. This album is a representative survey of vocal jazz history performed by excellent singers.