Joe Dinkelbach  - Red Pepper


Smooth Jazz from Germany? This is no paradox but reality. Artists like Christopher Spendel, Mathias Claus, Frank Mead, Michael Vandroff, Dancing Fantasy, Blue Knights Wolfgang Mitschke, Wolfgang Haffner, Yulara, Dirk K , Ca-RoH , Harmonic Obsession and Joe Dinkelbach are the best proof. 

"Joe Dinkelbach, with his lyrical virtuous playing and the expressiveness of his solos certainly is one of the best German jazz pianists", comments the German newspaper "Weserkurier". Joe Dinkelbach worked together with artists like John Abercrombie, Dave Liebman, Charly Mariano, Bill Ramsey, Inga Rumpf, Allan Harris, Uli Beckerhoff, Detlev Beier, Sylvia Droste. After "Lowland", Joe's debut album from 2002, "Red Pepper" is his second album which was released in 2004.

Joe's specialty is a Rhodes electric piano. To say Joe is a second Bob James would be an understatement. If you ever doubt Joe's mastership Breeze the introducing piece of this great album will convince you. He even plays very complex jazz phrases with ease. In this way the sophisticated tune never loose its relaxing elegance.

Clouds drifted by the wind. The lead melody is played on a Phrophet T8. An instrument Joe is adoring enthusiastically. One can hear and understand it.

First time when I listen to Red Pepper I thought of Supertramp's "Logical Song". This tune has more impressions which are fading along your ears. Don't try to catch them, just enjoy the mood. 

Joe's knowledge of keyboards finds its expression in Little Boy. A slow tune featuring Stephan Abel on soprano sax. This sax player has experience in Jazz Rock, Bebop, Hard Bop, Free Jazz and all kind of Jazz which are the contrary to Smooth Jazz. But Stephan surprises with the mellowness of his sax blow.

Ocean Blue is a term one can often read as a Smooth Jazz title. Perhaps its the lightness of holiday mood or the nearness of L.A. the metropolis of Smooth Jazz to the ocean. 

Sunday is a special day in the week. Most people are using it for recreation and this tune may express this atmosphere. Joe Dinkelbach on piano and Ulle Rode on electric guitar are creating brilliant solos. The guitar player Ulle Rode is also performing in Frank Mead's band. The bass player Peter Muller is a member of this group too. 

When You're Near is featuring the singer Britta Dinkelbach. A wonderful composition with Joe's extensive solo on Rhodes piano.

Atomic Duck is a curious title for a tune. Marc Ebermann on bass slaps the initial funky points to Joe's new excursion on Rhodes piano. 

Smooth Jazz is not Joe's single passion. On Good Old Ben Joe showcases that he knows the Blues. Even a simple melody unfolded itself to an impressing artistic perfection under his masterly fingers. 

Rocking Chair is the best opportunity to point out that the whole production was made without any drum programming. And the best of it one doesn't miss it. Ralf Jackowski is an excellent drummer.

Fatu Hiva is the most southerly island of the Marquesas archipelago (French Polynesia). The island is wild and spectacularly beautiful as Joe's musical equivalent.

Always in search of the perfect sound I can state Joe's new album "Red Pepper" is very close to the ideal.