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The German label Ozella Music is a brainchild of the musician Dagobert (Dago) Böhm. He is well-known in Germany by his new age / chill out music, cultivated in albums like Sound of Wood (1982), Acoustic Moods (1987), Morning Flight (1993), Acoustic Unit (1998) or Sounds For A Blue Planet. On his label Ozella Music he also offers releases of numerous artists like Stephan Bormann, Hands on Strings, Roger Matura, Shunsuke Mizuno, Guido Ponzini, Michel Sajrawy, HenschkeSchlott, Karl Seglem, Streif, Gerold Kukulenz, Trio Bravo and more. Ozella Music also releases compilations like Morning, Noon, Evening, Night mediating a good survey about the program of this label.

A special section of Ozella Music is Ozella Lounge showcasing musical genres like lounge, downtempo, chill out, nu jazz, fusion jazz, electronics and more. Just released in 2008 is The Sound Volume 3 Downtempo Magic.

This collection of grooves starts with Stardelay's Thoughts & Words. Stardelay is German-born multi-instrumentalist Carsten Mentzel. Carsten's specialty is the Fender Rhodes and the Fender Telecaster. But he has also falsetto vocals in an octave normally reserved for female vocals. A prove for his ability is this tune.

Mara and David is a new formation of guitarist David and female singer Mara. Both met as students of the music college "Carl Maria v. Weber" in Dresden. From their debut album Sixteen Secrets, released at Ozella Music in 2007, they offer Masquerade and Someone Who Loves. An unspent voice with a high potential.

Born as the son of an American G.I. stationed in Great Britain, Pete Alderton's specialty is the blues. His excellent smoky vocals are perfect for classics like Ain´t No Sunshine and Fever, and his own compositions The End Of The Day and A Fool For Her Body (Skit), which he composed and performs with Carsten Mentzel.

On this compilation Carsten is presented with his further tunes The Late Show, Something Else, Welcome To Augua and Untitled Symphony. These songs are part of his album A New High Fidelity Tripout (2008), which I recently reviewed down to the smallest detail.

Dago's I Do Love My Life features singer Tokunbo Akinro. Her motto is reach out and sway your booty. Her superior vocals gives this song its lazy and relaxed timbre. The song was taken from Dago's album Sounds For A Blue Planet (2002).

If you are a friend of Michel Jarre's music, don't pass Gerold Kukulenz's Arrival.  Gerold's impetus is to create life in electronical music, to tell stories without words, to develop soundscape without a vocal song. The tune was taken from his album Miles High (2005).

Jake Playmo (abbreviation of Playmobile) is the pseudonym of Jan Klare. His debut album My Favorite Toys (2007) is a concept project recorded with his band „Das Böse Ding". Barbie is a smooth song featuring singer Kathrin Mander.

Angua Crash rises his mellow voice at Stay Awake. A dense and moody tune reminding at the vocal tunes of Pink Floyd. This tune is from Dago's Sounds For A Blue Planet.

The Sound Volume 3 Downtempo Magic
showcases highlights of Ozella's music program. Great appetizers for a delicious meal.



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  • Title: The Sound
    Artist: Various
    Year: 2008
    Length: 0:56:58
    Genre: Lounge
    Label: Ozella Music

    01 Thoughts & Words [3:40]
    02 Masquerade (Stardelay RMX) [2:52]
    03 Ain´t No Sunshine [3:50]
    04 The Late Show [2:43]
    05 Good Thing [3:36]
    06 The End Of The Day [0:51]
    07 Something Else [3:32]
    08 Someone Who Loves [4:51]
    09 Welcome To Augua [3:42]
    10 I Do Love My Life [4:53]
    11 Arrival [4:57]
    12 Fever [3:59]
    13 A Fool For Her Body (Skit) [0:40]
    14 Barbie [5:24]
    15 Stay Awake ( In The Night RMX ) [3:51]
    16 Untitled Symphony [3:37]