Amsterdam Connection - Isn't She Lovely  
      Marcus Anderson - Limited Edition  
      Vandell Andrew - All For Love  
      Marc Antoine - Laguna Beach  
      Rick Braun - Around The Horn  
      Burt Brion - The Secret's Out  
      Paul Brown - One Way Back  
      Andre Cavor - RoadTrip  
      Nathan East - Reverence  
      Richard Elliot - Summer Madness  
      Freeze Frame - Endless Summer  
      Jonathan Fritzén - Ballads  
      Chris Geith - Well Tempered Love  
      Grainger - Phase III: Lets Go Back  
      Charles Greene - 10 Easy Pieces  
      Jeanette Harris - Chocolate Vibez  
         Russ Hewitt - Cielo Nocturno  
      Boney James - Honestly  
      Jackiem Joyner - Main Street Beat  
      Dimitri K - Slim Profile  
      Reza Khan - Wind Dance  
      Danny Kusz - Eruption  
      Lety - The Wallflower  
      Jason Miles - Kind of New 2: Blue is Paris  
      Thomas Motter - Somewhere Out There  
      New Latitude - Vantage Point  
      Nighthawks - 707  
      Lawson Rollins - 3 Minutes to Midnight  
      Brendall Rothwell - Time On My Hands  
      JJ Sansaverino -  Waiting For You  
      Yonrico Scott - Life of a Dreamer   
      David T. Shamley - The Transition  
      Oli Silk - Where I Left Off  
      Ronny Smith - Shake It Up  
         Jay Nya Sol - Dancing In The Moonlight  
      Soul Basement - What We Leave Behind  
      Christoph Spendel - Jazzmatics Vol. 1 New York Sessions  
      Christoph Spendel - Jazzmatics Vol. 2 New York Sessions  
      Christoph Spendel - Jazzmatics Vol.3  
         David P. Stevens - Love City  
      The Pan - Peligro Andante  
      Michael J Thomas - Driven  
      Marvin Thompson Jr. - Kind Words  
      Sean U - Electrify  
      U-Nam - The Essential Collection  
      Kayla Waters - Apogee  
      Steve Watson - Playtime  
      Kenny Wellington - Free Spirit  
      Peter White - Groovin'  
      Darryl Williams - Here To Stay