Bahama Soul Club - Bohemia After Dawn  
      Patrick Bradley - Exhale  
      Brian Bromberg - A Little Driving Music  
      Camera Soul - Esagerato  
      Andrey Chmut - Soulmate  
      Steve Cole - Smoke And Mirrors  
      DiCosimo / Pagán - Con Moto  
      Gazzara - The Bossa Lounge Sessions  
      Paul Hardcastle - Nine  
Doug Jones - Tonight
      André Kunz - Sweet Soul  
      Mike Levine - Just Chillin  
      Michael Mayo - Bones  
      Juan Carlos Mendoza - Life Has Changed  
      Rei Narita - The Color Of Soundscape 2021  
      Dino & Franco Piana Ensemble - Open Spaces  
      Francesco Polito - Trip  
      Kenny Polson - Colors Of Brazil  
      Marcello Rosa - The World On A Slide  
      Randy Scott - Elevation  
      Dan Siegel - Faraway Place  
      Under The Lake - Old Friends, New Grooves  
      Gianni Vancini - Get Your Groove  
      Julian Vaughn - Chapters of Love  
      Ragan Whiteside - Five Up Top  
      Patrick Yandall - Chasing The Light  
      Alexander Zonjic - Playing It Forward  
      Romano Zuffi & Stefano Cocco Cantini - Stress Da Brass