Dennis Van Aarssen - Christmas When You're Here
  Albare & Co - Freedom
  Aimée Allen - Love and the Catalyst
  David Bloom and Cliff Colnot - Shadow Of A Soul
  Nica Carrington - Times Like These
  Joyce Cooling - The Holiday's On
  Chris Cortez - Live At Blue Bamboo
  Adrian Crutchfield - Lover
  Roberta Donnay - Blossom-Ing!
  Tracy Eileen - You Hit The Spot
  Gene Ess - Ah Bop
  Brian Fechino - Forward Moves
  Grant Geissman - Blooz
  Jeremy Green - Standing Eight
  Kate Hamann - Momentary Beauty
  Jennifer Hartswick - Something In The Water
  Russ Hewitt - Chasing Horizons
  Lowell Hopper - Another Hot Summer Night
  Gordon James - Smooth Sunshine
  Jessy J - California Christmas Vol. 2
  Paul Marinaro - Not Quite Yet
  Jonathan Mills - No Mentions, No Worries
  Mike Murray - Destinations
  Yola Nash - Manhattan Whispers
  Nils - Cool Shades
  Hart Ramsey - A Different Heart
  Jim Self - My America 2 Destinations
  The Clarisse Sisters - Fire & Ice
  Chris Standring - Silent Night
  Victor Towle - The Space In Between
  Velvet Dreamer - Beyond The Horizon
  Leticia Walker - Lit From Within
  Richard Williams - Hollywood Christmas
  Jim Witzel Trio & Quartet - Feelin' It
  Yellow Jackets - Parallel Motion

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