Jim Allchin - Costa Azul
  Artur Bayramgalin - Jazz Hop 4
  Tim Bowman - The 80's
  Paul Brown - Promised Land
  Vicki Burns - Lotus Blossom Days
  Canelita Sabrosa - Canelita Sabrosa
  Castella - Let Me Love You
  Barry Coates, Jimmy Haslip, Jerry Kalaf - New Dreams
  Cortez/Williams Projekt - Hermanos
  Brian Culbertson - White
  Jason Peter DeLaire - After Hours
  Cettina Donato/Nini Bruschetta - I Siciliani
  Melissa Errico - Out Of The Dark
  Mark Etheredge - Love Planet
  Dana Fitzsimons - Fault Lines
  Antonguilio Foti - Hold Fast
  Fuccelli Fisarmony Orchestra - Linaura
  Jonathan Fritzén - Piano Tales
  Yaron Gershovsky - Transitions
  Germano Mazzocchetti Ensemble - Muggianne
  Giorgio Ferrera Trio - When A New Day Comes
  CeCe Gable - Next Year's Song
  Christophe Goze - Slow
  Rafael Greco - Dice Que Vive Signs Of Life
  Micah Graves - Pawns
  Lou Guldemond - In Time
  Thomas Heflin - Morning Star
  Anders Holst - Endlessly
  Sidney Jacobs - If I Were Your Woman
  Sara Jane - Non Siamo Tutti Eroi
  Jessy J - Blue
  Michiyo Kitagawa - The Sun Still Smiles
  David Larsen - G2 and You
  Alejandro Fernandez Lecce & Paul Eerhart - The Sensual
  Letizia Lucchesi - It's A Miracle Your Life
  Madalena -  Briza
  Ivana Muscoso,  Mario Mazzaro, Salvatore Rainone - Vivo Sonhando
  Najee - Savoir Faire
  Marcin Nowakowski - Next Level
  Angela O'Neill and the Outrageous8 - Light At The End Of The Tunnel
  Tony Overwater & Atzko Kohashi - Crescent
  Paul Wertico Trio - Letter From Rome
  Sergio Pereira - Finesse
  Randy Roos, Mike Rossi, Tim Gilmore - Hall Of Mirrors Volume One
  Scott Silbert Big Band - Jump Children
  Chris Standring - Simple Things
  The Andy Rothstein Band - Truth Against The World
  The DIVA Jazz Orchestra - Diva Swings Broadway
  Phil Walker - In The Air Tonight
  Anne Walsh - The Astrud Project