Greg Adams - Cool To The Touch
  Cal Bennett - Poise In Crisis
  Blue Latitude - El Encanto
  Bobby Blackstone Band - Elevations
  D'Breeon - Fantasy
  Burt Brion - Say The Word
  Dee Brown - No Time To Waste
  Norman Brown - Stay With Me
  Sergio Caputo - That Kind Of Thing
  Earl Carter -  My Paradise
  Michael Fair - Back For More
  Ron Fattorusso - Radio Edits And More ...
  Lynne Fiddmont - Flow
  Nate Harasim - Next In Line
  Willie Hill - Natural Evolution
  Walt Johnson - Warmth of the Sun
  HenschkeSchlott - Cafe Thiossane
  Chris Korblein - Love Notes


Gerold Kukulenz - Miles High
  Rupert Leighton - Take The Sidewalk
  Matt Marshak - Groovosphere
  Keefe Marzell And Vintage - Drawn Windows
  Al McKenzie -  A Reason To Be
  Nils - Ready To Play
  Stephen Pfister - Coastal Grooves
  Benjie Porecki - How Does It Feel?
  Joel Del Rosario  - Calm In The Storm
  Jay Rowe - Red, Hot & Smooth
  Mauri Sanchis - Good Vibes!!!
  Ronnie Smith - Got Groove


Jay Soto - Long Time Coming  
  Talking Book - Chasing The Green
  J. Thompson - Inside World
  Times 4 - Relations
  Ultrablue - Ultrablue
  Rocco Ventrella - Give Me The Groove
  Michael Vince - Michael Vince
  Earnest Walker Jr. -  Variations On A Groove
  Westbound - Miles Away
  William Woods - The Hear And Now
  Patrick Yandall - New York Blues

Archive IV