Blake Aaron - Color And Passion
  Blake Aaron - Love and Rhythm
  Michael Broening - Never Too Late
  Norman Brown - It Hits Different
  Paul Brown - Promised Land
  Chris "Big Dog" Davis - After The Storm
  Michael Friedinger - Between Chairs
  Euge Groove - Comfort Zone
  Lou Guldemond - In Time
  Incognito - Into You
  Kay-Ta - Distance
  Reza Khan - Mystical
  Jeff Lorber Fusion - The Drop
  Keiko Matsui - Euphoria
  Nathan Mitchell - Gentle and Smooth
  Nathan Mitchell - It's My Time
  Nils - Cool Shades
  Mattias Roos - Cali Dreaming
  Justin Lee Schultz - Just In The Moment
  Brian Simpson - Soul Connection
  Slow - Under Everchanging Sky
  Chris Standring - As We Think
  Chris Standring - Silent Night
  Chris Standring - The Lovers Remix Collection
  The 3 Keys - We 3 Keys
  Threestyle - No Matter What
  WaKaNa - A Sunny Day
  Kayla Waters - Presence
  Kim Waters - That Special Touch