Airborne - Winds of Change
  Gerald Albright - Sax For Stax
  Bob Baldwin -
  Tom Braxton - Imagine This
  Gary Carpenter and Tribal Heat - Sirena
  Mark Carter - Smooth As Silk
  Patrick Cooper - That Day
  Drew Davidsen - This Journey ...
  Delilah - The Way
  Jimmy Demers - Dream A Little
  Joseph Diamond - Keep Your Dreams
  DJ Logic / Jason Miles - Global Noize
  Chris Minh Doky - Retrospective
  Tommy Emmanuel - Center Stage
  Nate Harasim - Love's Taken Over
  Robert Harris - City Lights
  Mark Hollingsworth - Chasing The Sun
  Don Immel - Long Way Home
  Gordon James - In Joy
  Jessy J - Tequilla Moon
  Joe Johnson - The Afterparty
  Dwayne Kerr - Higher Calling
  Brian Kelly - Afterplay
  Kloud 9 - Enjoy The Ride
  Lake Effect - Brighter Moments
  Cynthia Layne -  Beautiful Soul
  Danny Lerman - Meowbaby
  Michael Lington - Heat
  Michael Manson - Up Front
  Matt Marshak - On The Rocks
  Maysa - Metamorphosis
  Peter Muller - The Flow
  N-Groove - It's Who We Are
  Eddie Gip Noble - Love T.K.O.
  Steve Oliver - One Night Live
  Quartet Equinox - Flamenco Jazz
  Eddie Russ - See The Light / Take A Look At Yourself
  Les Sabler - Sweet Drive
  Dwayne Sereny - Take This Ride
  Shilts - Jigsaw Life
  Ronny Smith - Simply Stated
  Stardelay - A New High Fidelity Tripout
  2unes - Straight @ You
  25th Street - The Key Of H
  Travis Vega - Smooth Urban Night
  Various Artists - Grooves For The Season
  Various Artists - The Sound
  Various Artists - The Sound Vol. 3 Downtempo Magic
  Various Artists - The Sound of Jazz FM 2008
  Al Williams III - Heart Song
  Justin Young - On The Way

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