Buzz Amato - Muse Café  
      Bennett B - Yin  
      Jamie Bonk - There To Now  
      Ron Bosse - Burning Room Only  
      Cindy Bradley - Promise  
      Nick Colionne - Just Like That  
      Anthony David - Heaven: The Best Of Anthony David  
      Alex Faldin - Colors Of Nature  
      Four80East - Gonna Be Alright  
      Gordon James - Smooth Sunshine  
      Kombo - This Is The Good One  
      Lemek - Emergence  
      Peet Project - Sweet Lemon  
      Roberto Restuccia - Lounge Katz  
      Lin Rountree - The Message  
      Les Sabler - Flying High  
      U-Nam - Sunshine of Mine  
      Lindsey Webster - Reasons  
      Patrick Yandall - Dance In The Rain