Tammy Allen - From Me To You
    Arrested Development - Since the last time
    Banana Hunters - Peel It


    Brenda Boykin - Chocolate and Chili
Black Gold Massive - Stories
    Club Des Belugas - SWOP
Xantone Blacq - To The Heavens and Beyond
Rick Braun - Sessions Volume 1
Brown's Bag - Soul Satisfied
    Vladimir Cetkar - We Will Never End
    Cool Million - Going Out Tonight
Julie Dexter and Khari Simmons - Moon Bossa
    Josh Dion Band - Give Love
    Funk Off - Funk Off/Jazz On
    Gelka - Less Is More
Polly Gibbons - What's the Real Reason
    Giovanca - Subway Silence
    Dorian Holley - Independent Film
    Kinny - Idle Forest of Chit Chat
    Cynthia Layne - Beautiful Soul
Rich Medina - Connecting the Dots
Raul Midon - State Of Mind
New Cool Collective - Trippin'
    New Cool Collective - New Cool Collective Big Band LIVE
Nuala - Shine
    Plantlife - Time Traveller
    Lene Riebau - Jazz Handle
    Professor RJ Ross - Professor RJ Ross and the University of Soul
Rad - East Babe
    Reclose - Perfect Timing
Shilts - HeadBoppin
    SOUL: ID - Sex, Love and Philosophy
Soulive - Break Out
    Various Artists - Soul Togetherness 2007

  Soul Unsigned - EP001
SUMO - The Danceband
    The AllStars Collective - All About the Music
    The Invisible Session - The Invisible Session
Kenny Thomas - Crazy World
    Unforscene - Fingers and Thumbs
Terri Walker -  I Am
    Cornel West and BMWMB - Never Forget: A Journey of Revelations
Natalie Williams - Secret Garden
    Horace Alexander Young - Acoustic Contemporary Jazz

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